Awareness and Change


Address: 8225 Adenlee Avenue #3, Fairfax, VA 22031



Awareness and Change Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that pursues to raise awareness about democratic aspirations and principles, countering extremism, as well as bridging the Arab-Western cultural gap.

Awareness and Change Inc. adopts and develops creative media and communication methods to (1) empower activists of free-thinking (2) encourage peace-building, (3) promote for positive thinking and trust (4) embrace diversity, and to (5) counter extremism


Raising awareness about democratic aspirations and principles, countering extremism,

And bridging the Arab-Western cultural gap


Our approach is objective-based, prioritizing facts over opinion. We explain how this information is pertinent to the lives of our audience and how it can impact and determine their future.


Moving  from behind the scene to a personal relationship with the audience, encouraging them to take the decision to change by themselves, so that they become active participants rather than passive recipients; highlighting role models, speaking up, showing care, building trust, as well as drawing a clear vision of the future and communicating it.


Educating and enabling audience to learn about social movements, political processes, and current events, thereby empowering them to take action against injustice.


It’s not simply to ‘talk’, but to provide new information based on facts, using clear and concise language that is free of ambiguity, and reaching the less informed audience via the most advanced and innovative media and communication tools.


Our mission involves using applied science to monitor, analyze and evaluate social phenomena and causes and providing an overall assessment and identifying  bases for action.